Devices offline in Admin User Interface (UI) but Active according to Node home page


Partial or all of devices on the same node appear as Offline in Igor Admin UI. When browsing to the Node's home page, all devices are listed as Active - Y.


Igor firmware bug where node doesn't respond to M-Search requests for the those devices during a period >7.5 minutes. Known problem with firmware 1.0.5 and earlier on Innovative Lighting nodes.

Solution: Run a /reboot on the Node. If that doesn't help. then try doing a full /factoryreset

5/14/2015 - Discovered broadcast issue with Igor firmware event subscriptions


  • Igor firmware at all versions prior and including this date will only allow for one event subscriber.
    Typically, this will be the Gateway Appliance, but if there are multiple Gateways on the network or someone has opened DeviceSpy and subscribed to a device's events, then the Node firmware will only broadcast events to the first instance that subscribed to it. This could cause the primary Gateway to not receive occupancy/wall switch/dimming/light level events and thus not control the lights correctly as a result. 
  • If the Gateway changes IP addresses, this will have a similar effect; and all of the Nodes will need to be forced to be rebooted.


  • Unknown at this time until the firmware is updated to handle multiple event listeners.