Refer to the following summary list of Network and Device Nodes (Max, Mid, Min, Emergency) to identify the ID numbers for the attached Node Datasheets (2022-Rev. 1).

Also see: ID-2030-Igor Poe Node Installation Guide

Max Nodes:

  • Network Node (Part Number NP50-60-C-F-5) ID-2150P1
  • Device Node (Part Number ND50-60-C-F-5)  ID-2150D1 

Mid Nodes: 

  • Network Node (Part Number NP50-60-W-L-5) ID-2150P2
  • Device Node (Part Number ND50-60-W-L-5)  ID-2150D2 

Min Nodes:

  • Network Node (Part Number NP50-60-W-N-N) ID-2150P3
  • Device Node (Part Number ND50-60-W-N-N)  ID-2150D3 

Max Emergency Nodes: 

  • Network Node (Part Number NP50-60-C-F-5-EM) ID-2150P1E
  • Device Node (Part Number ND50-60-C-F-5-EM)  ID-2150D1E

Min Emergency Nodes:

  • Network Node (Part Number NP50-60-W-N-N-EM) ID-2150P3E
  • Device Node (Part Number ND50-60-W-N-N-EM)  ID-2150D3E